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L. A. Banda Larga | new music videos!

In the early summer of 2015, composer/arranger/trombonist Lars Arens decides to organize a recording session for a jazz orchestra (common instrumentation with additional instruments in some tunes), to put an end to a long period of time where nothing similiar had been done in Portugals capital (and regarding the fact that neither Lisbons "Tora Tora Big Band" nor "LUME" (Lisbon Underground Music Ensemble) are typical jazz orchestras in terms of their instrumentation and music).
Since the year of 2000 ( L.A. moved to Portugal) up to 2015 no professional jazz orchestra had done a recording session, nor had ever haver taken place in Lisbon a complete recording session in that type of ensemble, playing original music and arrangements written exclusively by one composer who would take responsibility for all the artistic direction.
The majority of musicians which made part of the project, are former students of L.A. at “Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa”.
The recordings of february 2016 also show that there are lots of young musicians in Portugal capable to realize ambitious projects! Enjoy!

L.A. Banda Larga performs "Gloomy Sunday" (*) , arranged by Lars Arens (GEMA).

Watching on pc for better synchronization!

featured guest : Rita Maria - vocals

conductor - Pedro Moreira

reeds - Daniel Vieira (solo), Raimundo Semedo, Mateja Dolsak,
Francisco Andrade, Paulo Gaspar

trumpets/flugels - Cláudio Silva, Ricardo Carvalho, Diogo Pedro, Jéssica Pina

trombones/euphoniums - Lars Arens, Xavier Ribeiro, Mário Amândio
bass trombone/tuba - Rui Bandeira

piano - Carlos Garcia
guitar - André Santos
double bass - António Quintino
drums - Guilherme Melo

recorded by Rui Guerreiro, February 2016, Atlantico Blue Studios, Lisbon / Portugal
mixed by Rui Guerreiro and Lars Arens
mastered by Christian Guggenbühl, Geneva/ Switzerland
produced by Lars Arens

(*) Gloomy Sunday (Szomoru Vasarnap)
music: Rezsoe Seress -lyrics: Lazlo Javor
© 1933 by Editio Musica Budapest – sub-publishing D/A/CH Akla Musikverlag